MGTOW’s Guide to Retiring on $200K in SE Asia (PDF, MOBI for Kindle, EPUB, Text-to-Speech MP3)

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This book provides all the necessary information that a MGTOW man needs to achieve financial independence and retire on $200K in SE Asia. The critical topics covered in detail are the high-yield accounts that turn your savings into a guaranteed monthly passive income (interest) that covers all your expenses and grows with inflation, the detailed budget breakdown, and the visa process to allow for a permanent stay without taking up a job nor making any visa runs. The book goes beyond these critical topics and discusses various matters of interest for one considering the move including lifestyle, language, people, housing, food, medical and dental treatment, phone and internet service, vice, entertainment, women, and the prospect of a trial visit and of acquiring property and citizenship without marriage.

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eBook in (4) formats: (1) PDF; (2) MOBI for Kindle; (3) EPUB for Google Play Books, Kobo, Nook and various other eReader apps and devices; (4) Text-to-speech MP3.
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This book provides all the details to help MGTOW men achieve financial independence and retire on $200K in SE Asia including:

  • Which country is optimal for early retirement and why
  • What high-yield accounts are available there for a passive monthly income (interest) and how to open them
  • How to ensure the monthly interest grows over time to keep up with inflation
  • How to ensure you could stay permanently, if desired, without a job nor having to make any visa runs
  • Detailed budget breakdown helping you get more mileage out of each dollar, including a buffer amount for unforeseen expenditures as well as a portion for fun with thorough guidance on what all the options are
  • Details about lifestyle, language, people, and the various options available with regards to housing, food, medical and dental treatment, phone service, internet service, vice, entertainment, and women
  • How you could, optionally, land a job relatively easily that covers all your expenses on its own; and how you could cut your expenses significantly if you needed to
  • What precautionary measures you could take to ensure safety and security
  • How you may go about planning a trial visit to test the waters
  • How you could pull off living in other parts of the region
  • Bonus: How you could acquire property and citizenship without marriage


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